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Stranded in Budapest

  • The Washington Post

TOP: Authorities in Hungary triggered chaos when they halted rail traffic at the country’s main train station while they worked to clear hundreds of asylum-seekers gathered there. RIGHT: By midday, the train station had been reopened, but migrants were...

Francis on abortion

  • The Washington Post

In a “jubilee year,” the pope underscored forgiveness for women who are contrite over having abortions.

While she was secretary of state,

  • The Washington Post

Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote and sent at least six e-mails over her private server that contained classified information.

Ky. clerk defies court order on marriage licenses

  • The Washington Post

morehead, ky. — A raucous scene unfolded at the county courthouse here Tuesday as a local clerk defied a judge’s order to start issuing marriage licenses, opening a new front in the still-simmering battle over same-sex marriage. Rowan County Clerk Kim...

With two Democratic senators

  • The Washington Post

voicing support for the Iran nuclear deal, President Obama needs one more vote to claim victory.

Obama urges action on climate

  • Los Angeles Times

ANCHORAGE — President Obama started out persuasive Monday, patiently ticking off evidence of climate change during the first major speech of his three-day Alaska tour, but he ended up blunt, calling out “deniers” who would stand in the way of...

Stocks Fall Globally As Worry Returns

  • The Wall Street Journal Asia

Stocks tumbled worldwide as discouraging news about manufacturing in China compounded investors’ worries about the world’s secondlargest economy. Shares in Europe, Asia and the U.S. all posted losses, and the price of oil, which had rallied in recent...

1 dead, 100 hurt in clash

  • USA TODAY International Edition

One Ukrainian national guard member was killed by a grenade and 100 people were injured Monday as nationalists protested a parliamentary vote to grant autonomy to areas held by Russianbacked separatists. The escalation in violence took place as the...

Stocks hit by weak economic data

  • Global Times US Edition

Chinese stocks fell again on Tuesday following Monday’s tumble, with fragile investor confidence hit by an official factory activity indicator sinking to a three-year low. The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index closed down 1.23 percent at 3,166.62...

Yankees face Red Sox

  • The Daily Review

BOSTON (AP)— David Ortiz hit his 495th home run and Jackie Bradley Jr. had three hits and threw out a runner at the plate to lift the Boston Red Sox to a 4-3 victory over the New York Yankees on Monday night. Mookie Betts hit a two-run homer for the...


  • USA TODAY US Edition

Law enforcement continued a massive manhunt on Tuesday north of the city, searching for three suspects in the shooting death of a veteran police officer who had been on patrol in a quiet suburban community. The killing marks the fourth incident in...

Markets shaken

  • The Washington Post

A report that manufacturing activity in China was at its lowest level in three years reverberated on Wall Street.

U.S. launches drone e≠ort in Syria

  • The Washington Post

The CIA and U.S. Special Operations forces have launched a secret campaign to hunt terrorism suspects in Syria as part of a targeted killing program that is run separately from the broader U.S. military offensive against the Islamic State, U.S....

“A Walk in the Woods”:

  • San Francisco Chronicle

If you’re feeling a little too young for the old-guy hiking romp “A Walk in the Woods,” just bide your time. This same movie will be made in the year 2051 starring Matt Damon and Matthew McConaughey as former sports teammates carrying out a dying...


  • The News Herald (Willoughby, OH)

Business........................... B1 Classified........................ D1-2 Comics.............................. D4 Crosswords................... D2,D3 Dr.Roach............................ D3 Editorial............................. A4...


  • USA TODAY International Edition

Injured opponent bows out, giving Williams easy first win in quest for calendar Slam

Clashing interests hinder EU’s response to crisis

  • The Wall Street Journal Europe

BRUSSELS—Europe’s struggle to deal with the tens of thousands of migrants streaming across its borders highlights the disparity between the bloc’s proclaimed values—respect for human rights and freedom of movement—and its institutions’ powerlessness to...

Judge deals Uber a blow

  • San Francisco Chronicle

A lawsuit that threatens Uber’s business model gained significant momentum on Tuesday when a federal judge granted it class-action status. U.S. District Judge Edwin Chen ruled that California drivers seeking to be reclassified as employees could...

Day’s agenda: Seas and glaciers

  • The Palm Beach Post

MIAMI — Jeb Bush slammed Donald Trump on Tuesday as a counterfeit conservative with unworkable immigration views and said Hillary Clinton should “chill out” after criticizing his use of the term “anchor babies.” A day after Republican presidential...

“Grasping for Answers,”

  • The Dallas Morning News

So this is our world: A 47-year-old man pumping gas in suburban Houston is ambushed and assassinated, for no apparent reason beyond his Harris County sheriff ’s deputy uniform. Another day, another slaying. Today, a criminal suspect is killed;...

Islamic State:

  • San Francisco Chronicle

BEIRUT — Islamic State militants in Syria committed an “intolerable crime against civilization” by destroying the Temple of Bel, one of the ancient world’s most iconic monuments, the head of the U.N. cultural agency said Tuesday. The militants used...

Free labor (of love)

  • The Washington Post

Some D.C.-area restaurants let amateur chefs volunteer in their kitchens.

Use of isolation to be cut

  • San Francisco Chronicle

After decades of holding thousands of inmates in concrete, sometimes windowless isolation cells, where some stayed for 20 years or more, California prison officials are about to drastically reduce their use of solitary confinement. In a settlement...

Waiting game

  • Albuquerque Journal

NEW YORK — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady attended last-minute settlement talks between the NFL and its players union Monday before a judge announced he would decide the dispute over deflated footballs...

Ignacio passes north of Big Island

  • West Hawaii Today

Jimena remained a Category 4 hurricane Monday evening as it continued to track across the Eastern Pacific toward the Hawaiian Islands. The storm peaked Thursday morning with 145 mph winds before starting to weaken during the afternoon. As of 5 p.m....

How tot Stop Procrastinating

  • The Wall Street Journal Asia

Putting off a work or school assignment in order to play videogames or water the plants might seem like nothing more serious than poor time-management. But researchers say chronic procrastination is an emotional strategy for dealing with stress, and...

Walk on the wild side: Obama tapped for NBC show

  • USA TODAY International Edition

President Obama is about to get a little wild. Obama will appear on a special episode of the NBC outdoor adventure show Running Wild With Bear Grylls, the network announced Monday. The president and the host will trek through the Alaskan...


  • The News-Item

(TNS) — Signs that summer is wrapping up have arrived. Kids have started going back to school; NFL preseason games are underway; night temperatures are dropping; and prices of strawberries and blueberries have hit $4 and change. Soon yellow squash and...

In Britain, tight limits on Syrian refugees

  • The Washington Post

london — Of the 4 million Syrians who have fled their country since April 2011, including hundreds of thousands who have poured into Europe, the number who have been resettled in Britain could fit on a single London Underground train — with plenty of...

Carly Fiorina,

  • The Washington Post

who fared well in the secondtier Republican debate in August, is likely to take part in the next top-tier GOP debate, under new selection criteria.

District’s shelters now open all year

  • The Washington Post

D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser is attempting to solve one of Washington’s most intractable social problems by increasing the number of homeless families given shelter by the government and broadening the conditions under which they can seek a place to...

South Africa Gold Mining Faces Mounting Troubles

  • The Wall Street Journal Europe

WESTONARIA, South Africa—At Sibanye Gold Ltd.’s Kloof mine in the heart of the world’s largest known gold reserve, more than 10,000 workers toil daily at depths of around two miles—a striking image of the scale and ambition of an industry that until...

Puerto Rico on deck

  • The Washington Post

The Astros’ Carlos Correa is part of the island’s baseball renaissance.

Obama in Alaska:

  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The administration is renaming Mount McKinley as Denali,

A Lesson in Thinking Small

  • The Wall Street Journal Asia

FENGDU, China—This “Ghost City” on the banks of the Yangtze River in southwest China has been reborn. In legend, Fengdu is where the King of Hell sits in judgment on the souls of the deceased; pilgrims and tourists flock to its temples. Its own day of...

Slowdown ripples through Asian economies

  • The Wall Street Journal Europe

A startling plunge in South Korean exports sharpened the picture on Tuesday of how China’s economic slowdown is rippling across Asia. The 14.7% decline in August from a year earlier, driven in part by slack demand from South Korea’s largest trading...

China Fights To Keep Cash From Leaving

  • The Wall Street Journal Europe

BEIJING—China is imposing fresh controls to prevent too much money from leaving the country, in an effort to keep badly needed funds at home to battle a deepening slowdown in the world’s No. 2 economy. The country’s central bank said Tuesday that it...

197 punished in China over ‘rumors’

  • The Dallas Morning News

At least 197 people have been punished by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security for “spreading rumors” online on such topics as China’s stock market uncertainty and the recent industrial explosions in Tianjin.


  • San Francisco Chronicle

Google changed its logo on Tuesday, replacing its wellknown lettering with a sleeker, sans serif typeface similar in design to that of its new parent company, Alphabet. Google will keep its familiar blue, red, yellow and green palette, but switch the...