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The­re’s no doubt that Ibi­za has pan­ned out to be a ma­gic des­ti­na­tion in terms of mu­sic, fun, gla­mour, in­con­for­mity and free­dom. It’s in­deed a pri­vi­le­ged des­ti­na­tion and an ob­ject of de­si­re. A good ca­se in point is the in­cre­dibly sky­roc­ke­ting fa­res of ho­tels, apart­ments and hou­ses du­ring the sum­mer­ti­me.

Ho­we­ver, it’s less known in terms of cui­si­ne, though the is­land deser­ves bet­ter luck in this field. Bles­sed with ex­cep­tio­nal raw ma­te­rials and top-qua­lity tra­di­tio­nal re­ci­pes, it boasts pla­ces that can be en­jo­yed ex­tra­or­di­na­rily at both lunch and din­ner ti­me.

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