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The 3D food prin­ting tech­no­logy has gai­ned im­por­tan­ce and pre­fi­gu­res a pro­mi­sing fu­tu­re. The im­pact of this tech­no­logy in the food in­dustry is es­ti­ma­ted to be sig­ni­fi­cant, es­pe­cially because it gi­ves consumers the po­wer to decide on as­pects re­la­ted to the cus­to­mi­za­tion, nu­tri­tion, de­ve­lop­ment of new tex­tu­res and sha­pes, fle­xi­ble pro­duc­tion de­pen­ding on the de­mand, con­ve­nien­ce and so­cial ex­pe­rien­ce. It’s ex­pec­ted to be very use­ful for ge­ria­tric and ge­ne­ral hos­pi­tals, as well as rest ho­mes, sin­ce it fa­ci­li­ta­tes the pre­pa­ra­tion of food for peo­ple that suf­fer from de­glu­ti­tion di­sor­ders or se­ve­re aller­gies, by con­tro­lling the do­ses and nu­tri­tio­nal va­lues of pro­ducts.

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