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Vir­gi­lio Mar­ti­nez, the “new star on Li­ma’s gastronomic fir­ma­ment” or “the king in the ce­vi­che country”, as he’s al­so known, is a 39-year-old chef who has de­ci­ded to sha­re the com­ple­xity of his country from Cen­tral, by using in­gre­dients that ha­ve not been do­cu­men­ted, but he has dis­co­ve­red them du­ring his in­roads in ma­ri­ne spa­ces, An­dean areas, ex­tre­mely high hills, and high and low jun­gles.

With the sup­port of an in­ter­dis­ci­pli­nary team and using his restaurant as a true la­bo­ra­tory of tas­tes, he tries to go be­yond the strictly cu­li­nary li­mit and ma­kes in­roads in­to nu­tri­tio­nal, bio­lo­gi­cal and anth­ro­po­lo­gi­cal as­pects. That’s why no­body was sur­pri­sed when The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016 ran­ked Cen­tral in the fourth glo­bal po­si­tion, the first one in Pe­ru and the who­le La­tin Ame­ri­ca.

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