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Sus­tai­na­bi­lity is a glo­bal trend that was born out of a so­cial de­mand, is­sued by con­su­mers, of pro­tec­ting and pre­ser­ving our pla­net. So, it is no won­der when ta­king in­to ac­count that it ta­kes 100 – 400 years to de­gra­de plas­tic bags, which are om­ni­pre­sent in mo­dern ci­vi­li­za­tion.

The con­tai­ning and packing industry re­pre­sents a key step in the supply chain and that is why it ta­kes cen­ter sta­ge in this mat­ter. The cha­llen­ge lies on de­ve­lo­ping new ma­te­rials with im­pro­ved cha­rac­te­ris­tics, mo­re sustainable and eco­no­mi­cally fea­si­ble, which meet the ba­sic re­qui­re­ments of con­tai­ners: con­tai­ning, pro­tec­ting and pre­ser­ving, in­for­ming and fa­ci­li­ta­ting the dis­tri­bu­tion and consumption of the pro­duct.

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