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Ro­ber­to Ruiz was the first Mexican chef to win a Mi­che­lin Star in Eu­ro­pe. Now fi­ve years la­ter fo­llo­wing the ope­ning of PUN­TO MX, the pla­ce has tur­ned out to be an un­dis­pu­ted bench­mark in the Spa­nish ca­pi­tal in terms of ge­nui­ne Mexican food, strip­ped of all ste­reoty­pes. It’s le­git as far as its in­gre­dients, exe­cu­tion and es­sen­ce are con­cer­ned.

With a nons­top evo­lu­tion that has also mo­ved him to open Mez­cal Lab in Ma­drid and Can­ti­na y Pun­to in Bo­go­ta, Ro­ber­to is al­ways evol­ving, crea­ting and loo­king for new pro­jects that can help him put Mexican cui­si­ne on the map.

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