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Re­cog­ni­zed as one of the great plea­su­res for pa­la­te, cof­fee is part of the cul­tu­re of mi­llions of ci­ti­zens around the world, who in­clu­de this be­ve­ra­ge in their daily diet. Short, long, with milk or cold, the truth is that cof­fee re­pre­sents a mo­ment of pam­pe­ring and plea­su­re; be­si­des being a sy­nonym of clo­se­ness and friends­hip when drin­king and sha­ring with ot­her peo­ple or when it is ta­ken as an ex­cu­se to en­joy so­me plea­sant ti­me.

No­net­he­less, when choo­sing their cof­fee, not all peo­ple know for su­re the va­riety they li­ke the most. In fact, the­re are se­ve­ral spe­cies of cof­fee world­wi­de, but Robusta and Ara­bi­ca, along with their sub­di­vi­sions, are the most fa­mous of all sin­ce they re­pre­sent over 90 per­cent of the world cof­fee pro­duc­tion.

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