Excelencias Gourmet - - Del Jolongo -

The re­gion of Ba­ya­mo has been highly crea­ti­ve when it co­mes to na­ming its dis­hes and you can find from “man­dan­ga” to “spoi­led negro” or “ro­man­tic whis­per”. Among all tho­se re­ci­pes, the­re is one that ari­ses cu­rio­sity due to its pi­ca­res­que na­me. You’ll be cer­tainly sur­pri­sed if a bru­net­te co­mes and asks you if you want to tas­te a “dark bun”, but don’t be alar­med and ac­cept it sin­ce the­re is no mor­bi­dity in the of­fer. She’s tal­king about one of Ba­ya­mo’s des­serts, which is not only fa­mous for its na­me, but also for its lon­ge­vity and tas­te.

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