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Marimar To­rres ca­rries the last na­me of a fa­mily that has spent over th­ree cen­tu­ries in the wi­ne bu­si­ness. But it took far mo­re than that to con­quer a spa­ce in a sec­tor whe­re men play the lea­ding ro­le, and la­ter become one of the most po­pu­lar re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves of Spa­nish wi­nes in the Uni­ted Sta­tes. “It was in the U.S. whe­re I could pro­ve that I was ca­pa­ble of doing everyt­hing I want with my li­fe. Ca­li­for­nia has gi­ven free­dom and I will la­ter pay the con­se­quen­ces.”

Marimar Es­ta­te wi­nery, with ca­pa­city for 15,000 bo­xes, is ba­sed on top of the hill in the heart of a vi­ne­yard. Its wi­nes, ma­de with gra­pes that are har­ves­ted wit­hin the pro­perty, are ex­por­ted to over 40 countries, es­pe­cially Swe­den, Spain, Uni­ted King­dom, Ca­na­da, Ja­pan and Ice­land.

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