Excelencias Gourmet - - A Su Salud -

Slow and stodgy di­ges­tion can be trig­ge­red by dif­fe­rent cau­ses. For exam­ple, as a res­pon­se to cer­tain pro­ducts we eat, which slow down the di­ges­ti­ve pro­cess, such as greasy, re­fi­ned or pro­ces­sed food, sin­ce they are less di­ges­ti­ble than tho­se des­cri­bed as healthy food (fruits, ve­ge­ta­bles and who­le grains). The con­se­quen­ces of bad di­ges­tion would be bloa­ted fee­ling in the sto­mach, swe­lling and cramps.

For­tu­na­tely, we ha­ve va­lua­ble allies. Di­ges­ti­ve be­ve­ra­ges fa­vor the di­ges­tion pro­cess and provide good tas­te by the end of abun­dant lunch or din­ner.

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