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Poly­ne­sian cul­tu­re, mainly from Ha­waii, ga­ve birth to the­se un­com­mon cock­tails ba­sed on rums, li­quors, fruits and flo­wers, ser­ved in ves­sels with to­te­mic at­tri­bu­tes, pro­fu­sely de­co­ra­ted and dis­tin­cti­ve con­sum­ption ri­tuals.

“Tiki” as a term is be­lie­ved to ha­ve South Ame­ri­can ori­gins. It is used in both Tahi­tian and Ha­waiian lan­gua­ges to na­me fi­gu­res (sta­tue, to­tems, ima­ges), which are part of Poly­ne­sian ima­gery. They can be also found in the Mao­ris of New Zea­land and Cook Is­lands, fa­mous for their ri­tual tat­toos.

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