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Ti­me has pro­ven that li­quors and creams, sweet per ex­ce­llen­ce, are mainly used in di­ges­ti­ve and af­ter-meal-talk cock­tails (blends with cof­fee, frap­pe, cold or hot). Ne­vert­he­less, it is im­por­tant to spe­cify that the­re are blends, in­clu­ding cof­fee and li­quors, with re­ci­pes des­cri­bed as clas­sic drinks ins­tead of cock­tails, such as cof­fee with a dash hot milk, Ca­ra­ji­llo (with brandy), Ro­cio de Ga­llo (with rum) or simply cof­fee with li­quor. Cock­tails must be ma­de up of over th­ree in­gre­dients, in­clu­ding de­co­ra­tions, 90 per­cent of which should be edi­ble.

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