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Habanos, S.A. has cho­sen anot­her gem from its vi­to­la stock: Juan Ló­pez Se­lec­ción No. 2 ( 50 ring gau­ge x 124 mm long), to be pai­red with the ex­clu­si­ve and aut­hen­tic Pe­ru­vian El Go­ber­na­dor pisco. The pai­ring high­lights the con­trast bet­ween this dis­ti­lla­te’s al­coho­lic con­tent and the bur­ning from the first to the se­cond third of this ha­bano that wafts un­ri­va­lled no­tes. The tas­te and es­sen­ce of pisco, which ta­kes you to a sta­te of plea­sant drow­si­ness, and the puff on Juan Ló­pez, get hit­ched up in a way that goes be­yond the ex­clu­si­ve.

The es­sen­ce of such se­lect pai­ring lies in en­jo­ying two pu­rely La­tin Ame­ri­can pro­ducts, iden­tity sym­bols of na­tu­ral cul­tu­res, which stand

for the his­tory of their na­tions: Cu­ba and Pe­ru.

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