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Nu­me­rous ad­jec­ti­ves could be used to des­cri­be chef and nun Sis­ter Angele Riz­zar­do, but ti­re­less would co­ver the who­le ran­ge.

And it is no won­der. Over the past 60 years, she has de­vo­ted her li­fe to the re­li­gion­cui­si­ne bi­no­mial, with mar­ked fo­rays in­to the te­le­vi­sion and ra­dio realms, as well as the crea­tion of thou­sands re­ci­pes that are con­si­de­red ele­ments wit­hin the Ca­na­dian cu­li­nary he­ri­ta­ge. She per­so­nally met Po­pes Fran­cis­co and Be­ne­dic­to XVI, she is a tour gui­de, won the Max Rupp Award gi­ven by the Co­oks and Ba­kers So­ciety in Que­bec, spon­sors 16 hos­pi­tals and an­nually rai­ses 12,000-15,000 do­llars in terms of sa­les of her Soeur Angele chee­se, which are used by Sis­ter Angele to help low-in­co­me chil­dren in 70 countries.

She re­cently arri­ved in Cu­ba, ac­com­pa­nied by the Me­liá ho­tel group, and ama­zed every­body with her crea­tions. Excelencias Gour­met couldn’t miss the op­por­tu­nity to meet this wo­man that pro­fes­ses her lo­ve and faith in God and sto­ves, al­ways sho­wing a na­tu­ral smi­le on her fa­ce.

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