Excelencias Gourmet - - 20 Aniversario De Excelencias -

It would be great for every­body to ha­ve the glo­rious luck of vi­si­ting the 22 coun­tries that ma­ke up the Ibe­rian Ame­ri­can te­rri­tory. But, wit­hout ti­me and bud­get, the goal be­co­mes an oa­sis in the de­sert ins­tead of an ap­pro­ved seal on the pass­port.Ho­we­ver, good news are lan­ding on the ta­ble (for lack of pla­nes): tra­di­tio­nal dis­hes are an un­mis­ta­kably de­li­cious way of vi­si­ting tho­se coun­tries. You could be­gin with a re­fres­hing Spa­nish gaz­pa­cho and fi­nish with a juicy roast meat. Or escape from cold tem­pe­ra­tu­res with a con­vin­cing fei­joa­da whi­le so­me­body eats meat stew on a pla­cid te­rra­ce, loo­king at Ha­va­na’s sea­front. Ibe­rian Ame­ri­ca is a li­ving te­rri­tory... and we’ll eat it up bi­te by bi­te.

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