Excelencias Gourmet - - D' Copas -

The wi­ne in­dustry is going th­rough hard ti­mes. We all know about cli­ma­te chan­ges af­fec­ting the pla­net and this reality has an im­pact on the pro­duc­tion of this drink.

Even so, pro­du­cers are be­co­ming spe­cia­lists when it co­mes to adap­ting to the­se chan­ges. Man­kind co­mes in­to its own when fa­ced with pro­blems, and a re­mar­ka­ble work is being ca­rried out at in­ter­na­tio­nal level in a bid to res­cue vines and vi­ne­yards whe­re na­tu­re pro­vi­des the best con­di­tions for vi­ni­cul­tu­re.

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