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Ha­ba­nos ha­ve been co­ve­ted pro­ducts, lo­ved and smo­ked by many peo­ple for many years, but they ha­ve al­so been sto­red and pre­ser­ved by so­me ci­gar afi­cio­na­dos. The trend of con­su­ming aged or vin­ta­ge Ha­ba­nos is re­la­ti­vely young if com­pa­red to the prac­ti­ce of ac­tually smo­king them. Nu­me­rous ent­hu­siasts and co­llec­tors ha­ve crea­ted and en­ri­ched co­llec­tions with true gems, so­me of which are no lon­ger pre­sent in Ha­ba­nos S.A.’s vi­to­la port­fo­lio.

Such terms as “aged” or “vin­ta­ge” are not re­la­ted to the Ha­ba­nos who­se raw ma­te­rial has un­der­go­ne ad­di­tio­nal aging pro­ces­ses, and Ha­ba­nos S.A. al­ready fea­tu­res a sig­ni­fi­cant amount of vitolas un­der the Re­ser­va, Gran Re­ser­va, Edi­ción Li­mi­ta­da and Ma­du­ro clas­si­fi­ca­tions. They ac­tually re­fer to the ones that, in op­ti­mum tem­pe­ra­tu­re and hu­mi­dity con­di­tions, ha­ve aged af­ter the fac­tory process.

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