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Vi­si­ting Vi­ni­taly is li­ke at­ten­ding one of the two ut­most Wi­ne Fairs of the world. Thou­sands of squa­re me­ters of ex­hi­bi­tion not only show ex­cep­tio­nal Ita­lian wi­nes, but al­so high-qua­lity dis­ti­lla­tes, beers and food. Even fo­reign ex­hi­bi­tors par­ti­ci­pa­te in this event for their pro­ducts to be dis­pla­yed in front of thou­sands of at­ten­dees, ex­pe­rien­ced pro­fes­sio­nals of the gas­tro­nomy realm. For any sommelier or wi­ne ent­hu­siast at­ten­ding the mo­men­to­us event, the ul­ti­ma­te cha­llen­ge is not only to tas­te the hig­hest num­ber of sam­ples. It is about un­ders­tan­ding to­day’s pre­vai­ling trends and dis­cer­ning the im­me­dia­te fu­tu­re. The oc­ca­sion deser­ved a per­so­nal as­sess­ment of the country’s wi­ne reality, re­gion by re­gion.

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