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In 1844, Her­man Upmann com­mit­ted him­self to ven­tu­ring in­to the then bur­geo­ning in­dustry of Cu­ban ci­gars. With tre­men­do­us illu­sions and a bu­si­ness vi­sion in sight, he sa­llied forth the jour­ney that still marks his ca­reer, and he did it with great ef­fort and good pace. The H. Upmann ci­gar brand was born,which to­day con­ti­nues to de­light the most de­man­ding buffs from this ex­ci­ting world. With ci­gars that fea­tu­re a soft-to-mild tas­te, this brand ro­lled out a new pro­po­sal back in 2017: Con­nos­sieur B, a Habano that opts for the com­plex smo­ke pac­ked in a 54 ring gau­ge and a length of 150 mm, known as Ge­nia­les in its fac­tory­vi­to­la. The smooth fla­vor pro­fi­le th­rough this ci­gar allows and ac­cepts the sip­ping of no­nal­coho­lic drinks, as it fa­vors cer­tain aci­dity and fruity no­tes that match the initial co­ol­ness of the smo­ke.

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