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What star­ted out as a mom-and-pop com­pany in Ecua­dor, foun­ded by San­tia­go Pe­ral­ta and Car­la Bar­bo­tó, has pan­ned out to be a le­git re­vo­lu­tion for the con­fec­tio­nary in­dustry. Sus­tai­na­bi­lity, biody­na­mic crops and di­rect tra­de with small-sca­le plan­ters speak vo­lu­mes of the brand’s ex­pan­sion world­wi­de, now boas­ting pre­sen­ce in nearly 50 coun­tries and ta­king the lead in such con­tests as the In­ter­na­tio­nal Cho­co­la­te Awards, in which it has nab­bed over 160 awards.

“Pacari is a kind of cho­co­la­te that calls on cons­cien­ce: li­ving the mo­ment, tas­ting, sear­ching, con­nec­ting with one­self and with our en­vi­ron­ment. On­ce you’ve tas­ted it, it’s way too hard to choo­se a dif­fe­rent brand. It’s li­ke in wi­nes, in which peo­ple are lear­ning to con­su­me the­se pro­ducts ca­re­fully and in a pie­ce­meal fashion,” says Pe­ral­ta, who be­ca­me the first La­tin Ame­ri­can na­ti­ve to be re­cog­ni­zed as the World’s Best Con­fec­tio­ner by the Fi­ne Cho­co­la­te In­dus­tries Association.

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