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Much mo­re than tra­ve­ling to a wi­ne-gro­wing area, eno­tou­rism is an op­por­tu­nity to un­ra­vel the cul­tu­ral, ar­tis­tic and gas­tro­no­mic he­ri­ta­ge of a re­gion. In ac­cor­dan­ce with the pe­cu­lia­ri­ties of each wi­nery, ac­ti­vi­ties re­la­ted to wi­ne and its pro­duc­tion pro­ces­ses are or­ga­ni­zed, in­clu­ding gui­ded tours, tas­tings, vin­ta­ge and din­ners, plus wi­ne pai­rings in the vi­ne­yards.

So­me of the em­ble­ma­tic des­ti­na­tions are Bor­deaux in Fran­ce and Tus­cany in Italy. Spain, on the ot­her hand, has a va­ried pro­po­sal of wi­ne rou­tes. The Mendoza re­gion in Ar­gen­ti­na; Ba­ja Ca­li­for­nia in Me­xi­co and New South Wa­les in Aus­tra­lia are al­so very pro­mi­sing. Li­ke­wi­se, Chi­le is com­mit­ted to the de­ve­lop­ment of this mo­da­lity, in re­gions that sway from Li­ma­ri to the Ita­ta Va­lley.

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