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The ho­tel bu­si­ness has pan­ned out to be one of the po­wer­hou­ses of to­day’s tou­rism in­fras­truc­tu­re. As a mat­ter of fact, pro­vi­ding ser­vi­ces lin­ked to ac­com­mo­da­tions and ca­te­ri­ng rank among the most pro­fi­ta­ble and ne­ces­sary bu­si­nes­ses, es­pe­cially if we bear in mind that tou­rism’s con­tri­bu­tion to the world eco­nomy last year ac­coun­ted for 10.4 per­cent of the ove­rall GDP, with the ho­tel bu­si­ness lea­ding the pack.

A good ca­se in point is Spain, whe­re the ho­tel bu­si­ness em­ploys a grand to­tal of 1.6 mi­llion wor­kers, roughly 8.7 per­cent of the en­ti­re work­for­ce sha­re. What’s mo­re, this is by far the num­ber-one branch wit­hin the tra­vel in­dustry as it re­els in ap­pro­xi­ma­tely 60 per­cent of all em­plo­yees.

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