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A pe­cu­liar smell of roas­ted chest­nut wafts up in the air of the Lis­bon neigh­bor­hoods with the arri­val of au­tumn. Con­si­de­red Por­tu­gal’s top ex­port fruit, this pro­duct is now a highly ac­clai­med food, es­pe­cially for ma­king soups and de­li­cious des­serts. Among its nu­tri­tio­nal pro­per­ties, its high con­tent of mi­ne­rals, such as mag­ne­sium, po­tas­sium, iron and phosp­ho­rus stands out, coupled with pro­tein, fi­ber and com­plex car­bohy­dra­te va­lues. So, this par­ti­cu­lar fruit is highly re­com­men­ded for pa­tients who suf­fer from anemia, fa­ti­gue or skin di­sea­ses.

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