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The sen­sory analy­sis of wi­ne con­sists of th­ree pha­ses: the vi­sual, the ol­fac­tory and the tas­ting. In the vi­sual pha­se, as­pects such as co­lor, cla­rity and tur­bi­dity, va­ria­tion of bor­ders, vi­si­ble se­di­ments, ef­fer­ves­cen­ce and tears or legs are eva­lua­ted. For many years, the lat­ter has been the sub­ject of de­ba­te among ex­perts and re­sear­chers.

Countless scien­ti­fic stu­dies ha­ve pro­ved that the beha­vior of wi­ne ad­he­red to the sur­fa­ce of a glass af­ter being sti­rred, and the for­ma­tion of the so-ca­lled tears, res­ponds es­sen­tially to the in­dex of sur­fa­ce ten­sion and eva­po­ra­tion of the two pre­do­mi­nant ele­ments: wa­ter and et­ha­nol, wit­hout for­get­ting the ther­mal fac­tor.

The phe­no­me­non known as wi­ne tears oc­curs when wi­ne -af­ter being sti­rred or sha­ken- co­vers the in­ner sur­fa­ce of the glass, for­ming a vi­si­ble film. They can be for­med eit­her slowly or quickly, can be mo­re or less de­fi­ned, and are in­di­ca­tors of the wi­ne’s al­coho­lic con­tent.

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