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Ea­ting as an ad­ven­tu­re; ea­ting as and ex­pe­rien­ce and fun. Ea­ting as a cul­tu­ral, anth­ro­po­lo­gi­cal and vi­tal ex­pres­sion. Ea­ting as a dis­co­very and en­coun­ter with what we are and what we want to know. But al­so, ea­ting as an op­por­tu­nity and a win­dow to pros­pe­rity, as sy­nony­mous of im­pro­ve­ment and growth, as a brid­ge to bu­si­ness. Be­cau­se ea­ting, and abo­ve all ea­ting well, can trans­form and trans­form us, chan­ge our li­ves and be inexo­rably a path to ex­ce­llen­ce.

The Horeca channel is a road that con­nects gas­tro­nomy and bu­si­ness. The term is cons­trued as an acronym for Ho­tels, Res­tau­rants and Ca­fe­te­rias, and be­gan to be used in the Net­her­lands un­til the term reached out to the rest of the world. It is used to re­fer to this group of es­ta­blish­ments in which the­re is di­rect food con­sum­ption out­si­de the ho­mes. Even to­day, it’s being del­ved in­to when as­ses­sing all ma­jor tra­vel and tou­rism trend­set­ters.

Ob­viously, the­re’s no such thing as a tra­vel des­ti­na­tion wit­hout a gas­tro­no­mic des­ti­na­tion. They are two in­ter­con­nec­ted, de­pen­dent-oneach-ot­her en­ti­ties who­se bond lays ba­re the fact that the sum of ca­pa­ci­ties wit­hin the pri­va­te sec­tor, re­la­ted ins­ti­tu­tions and the Sta­te is the key to furt­her and soun­der growth. Hen­ce, re­gard­less of the cri­ses, tou­rism keeps on loo­king at gas­tro­nomy as just anot­her reason to un­ra­vel a country, a city, or a pla­ce, and the­re­fo­re, con­su­me and ge­ne­ra­te pro­fits for each des­ti­na­tion and its lo­cal tra­vel in­dustry.

Ho­we­ver, all the com­po­nents of the Horeca uni­ver­se co­pe with chan­ges in terms of thoughts and new claims, es­pe­cially on the part of con­su­mers who de­mand and call for nons­top re­vo­lu­tions. Such trends as trash­coo­king –the use of lef­to­vers- the ri­se of mock­tails –cock­tails with no al­cohol- the cus­to­mi­za­tion of or­ders ac­cor­ding to each pa­tron’s preferences, in­ter­es­ting gas­tro­no­mic pro­po­sals in bars, the tas­te for or­ga­nic, new in­ter­ests in wi­ne, and even ea­ting with your ba­re hands, ha­ve for­ced each and every es­ta­blish­ment to ret­hink con­cepts and even struc­tu­res. Suc­cess lies in adap­ting and in­no­va­ting by means of pro­po­sals. Think of what the pa­trons want, of what no­body el­se of­fers, and you will suc­ceed.

This is the mes­sa­ge from Excelencias Gour­met in this is­sue de­sig­ned and crea­ted for and from the Horeca sec­tor, just as a gift for our cus­to­mers and friends, which are, in es­sen­ce, the key to our very suc­cess. Be­cau­se our ma­ga­zi­ne will al­ways be the­re for our many friends and will fo­re­ver­mo­re be wi­lling to co­me up with new spa­ces to sha­re, en­han­ce, grow and think.

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