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The vol­ume is cre­ated us­ing a Col­li­sion Source ge­om­e­try node. You can see how to set it up at 01:02:15. Check­ing Out­put Vol­ume in the Dis­play tab of the Pa­ram­e­ter Ed­i­tor con­verts the ge­om­e­try to a VDB Signed Dis­tance vol­ume. You can change its res­o­lu­tion via the Voxel Size set­ting. A high value makes the sim­u­la­tion quicker to cal­cu­late; a low value makes it more ac­cu­rate. I usu­ally go with a value of 0.1 or 0.2. Cache the re­sult out and give it an at­tribute you can ref­er­ence, as shown at 01:03:00.

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