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A spe­cialised head rig en­ables pixel light ef­fects to cap­ture highly de­tailed skin tex­tures And fa­cial blend­shapes

Al­though Pixel Light Ef­fects’ truck-based mo­bile pho­togram­me­try rig pro­vides pho­to­re­al­is­tic re­sults, the com­pany also of­fers another por­ta­ble 32-cam­era rig de­voted to cap­tur­ing fa­cial ex­pres­sions and poses in mo­tion, in­clud­ing FACS poses – in­tended to re­sult in a fa­cial an­i­ma­tion­ready CG model.

The rig also takes ad­van­tage of crosspo­larised light­ing to com­pletely cut spec­u­lar re­flec­tions from the skin. This re­sults in bet­ter tex­tures and ge­om­e­try de­tail and less sur­face noise in the pho­togram­me­try process.

“Another ben­e­fit with a head rig,” adds Pixel Light Ef­fects CEO, Jingyi Zhang, “is that the ac­tor can com­fort­ably sit in it for blend­shape ses­sions. We also have a head sta­biliser to min­imise skull move­ments. Depend­ing on the list of re­quests from a VFX stu­dio, a ses­sion can vary from be­tween 30 to 80 fa­cial blend­shapes, and take any­where from 40 min­utes to a cou­ple of hours to com­plete.”

The re­sult of a fa­cial scan in­side Agisoft Pho­to­scan. The sub­ject had marker dots placed on his face to help the fea­ture track­ing and an­i­ma­tion.

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