Nor­mal di­rec­tion

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One of the key les­sons that us­ing the Bridge com­mand teaches is un­der­stand­ing the di­rec­tion that sur­face nor­mals face. Sim­ply put, this is the way that the poly­gon is fac­ing and get­ting it wrong can have big im­pli­ca­tions when us­ing the Bridge tool. Some 3D soft­ware is more for­giv­ing than oth­ers with nor­mal di­rec­tion, but if a bridge com­mand is not con­nect­ing in the way that is ex­pected, do not be sur­prised that nor­mal di­rec­tion is the cul­prit. Most 3D ap­pli­ca­tions de­pict nor­mal di­rec­tion by not show­ing the back of a poly­gon, and many have the option to ex­plic­itly show the nor­mal di­rec­tion when a poly­gon is se­lected.

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