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In or­der to stream­line my work­flow, I use ac­tions that I have pro­grammed and then bind them to keys on my Wa­com or key­board. In the video (at the 7:89min mark or vid 1) I use an ac­tion that cre­ates a bunch of lay­ers and ad­just­ment lay­ers that are all clipped and put in a group ready to be re­named prop­erly. They are clipped in three cat­e­gories: 1- The ad­just­ment lay­ers that I nor­mally use: Curves, Hue/ Sat­u­ra­tion, Color Bal­ance, and Bright­ness/con­trast. 2- Hue/sat­u­ra­tion ad­just­ment lay­ers with masks gen­er­ated by the au­to­matic colour range selections of High­lights/mid­tones/shad­ows. 3- Copies of RGB chan­nels that are pasted into masks. I use these dif­fer­ent lay­ers/masks

in­ter­change­ably to get the de­sired ef­fect and of­ten ei­ther delete the rest of the un­wanted lay­ers, or merge ev­ery­thing within the group. This tu­to­rial should in­clude the ac­tions file.

I also use the cus­tom tools such as an oval soft brush set to Color Dodge and Burn to help me with ex­tract­ing masks (fur­ther ex­plored in the next step).

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