Stamp us­ing cus­tom brushes and con­tent-aware fill

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One tool that I use of­ten is the Stamp Tool us­ing a cus­tom brush. The most com­mon form of this would be stamp­ing in veg­e­ta­tion us­ing a scat­ter brush that em­u­lates the veg­e­ta­tion. It can also be used for clouds and trees in the far back­ground. I use this tech­nique dur­ing the last phase of fine-tun­ing and when adding any tiny el­e­ments such as the trees on the very top of the large moun­tain in the back­ground. Con­tent-aware Fill is also very use­ful (Shift+backspace, set to Con­tent-aware) to quickly patch un­wanted el­e­ments such as wires, houses and so on.

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