Use Ds­pline to Drive the liq­uid path Along A Spline

3D World - - TUTORIALS -

Add a Ds­pline mod­i­fier (Realflow>dae­mons>ds­pline) and drop the spline in­side the Spline Ob­ject field. This dae­mon will drag the sim­u­la­tion through the spline. This is the first step to make the par­ti­cles fol­low the path.

The view­port gizmo has the spline’s shape and red cir­cles in­di­cate the dae­mon’s con­trol points. Cir­cles around the con­trol points rep­re­sent the area where the dae­mon’s ra­dial forces are ac­tive, help­ing the par­ti­cles to be dragged along. Make your project time­line 400 frames long.

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