Ap­ply Sur­face ten­sion Dae­mon

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Ap­ply a Sur­face Ten­sion (Realflow>dae­mons>sur­face Ten­sion) to en­hance the fluid’s ten­dency to ac­cu­mu­late and form drops. This will make the sim­u­la­tion more re­al­is­tic and will keep the fluid more con­sis­tent and avoid it break­ing apart. Ad­just CP Vor­tex, Ra­dial and Ax­ial val­ues at this point to tweak the be­hav­iour of the fluid along the spline. This be­hav­iour will be dif­fer­ent than be­fore be­cause the Sur­face Ten­sion dae­mon makes the sim­u­la­tion be­have in a dif­fer­ent way.

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