10 Tips FOR sculpt­ing in VR

work­ing in vr comes with many ad­van­tages and ben­e­fits, so Here are some key tips for re­ally mak­ing the most of it

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01 STAY com­fort­able when work­ing

Be sure to ad­just the head­set straps, tilt it up and down and ad­just the lens slider un­til the im­age is as clear as pos­si­ble. Don’t ex­pect to be stand­ing up for hours on end in long ses­sions.

02 change The Scale

Re­mem­ber that you can work on pieces that are tiny in your hands or a gi­gan­tic piece that dwarves you when you need ex­treme de­tails.

03 Share your workspace

With VR sculpt­ing we are able to in­vite others into our workspace, so we can in­stantly show and ex­plain our ideas to others vis­ually and audi­bly.

04 Prox­im­ity

When sculpt­ing you are in front of your model, mak­ing the ex­pe­ri­ence much more re­al­is­tic. Not only can you pick the model up and ro­tate it, but you can put it down and walk all around it.

05 Take your work Any­where

It is quite lib­er­at­ing to sim­ply put on a head­set and work in a quiet, re­laxed workspace any­where.

06 ex­per­i­ment with The move Tool

Com­pared to move tools in tra­di­tional 3D soft­ware, you have the full free­dom of move­ment from your hands, so make the most of it.

07 Try out Dif­fer­ent Soft­ware

Get to know dif­fer­ent soft­ware op­tions’ pros and cons. Some rec­om­mended tools are Ocu­lus Medium, Master­piecevr, Quill and An­imvr.

08 SPEED up your work­flow

Us­ing hand con­trollers means no pen, mouse or key­board short­cuts. For con­cepts it is an amaz­ingly fast way to get your ideas down.

09 use your­self AS A Scale

You are in the scene you’re cre­at­ing, en­abling you to build the scene with hu­man scale in mind. Won­der­ing if the door you’re mak­ing is tall enough? No prob­lem, just see if you can walk through!

10 com­bine with Tra­di­tional Tools

Use your tra­di­tional 3D ren­der­ing pack­ages for pre­sen­ta­tion of your VR sculpts. As of now, there’s still no ren­der­ing so­lu­tions in VR, so use some of the tools you al­ready know to make your work shine.

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