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Us­ing the xp­gen­er­a­tor ob­ject in X-par­ti­cles al­lows any mesh to be­come a par­ti­cle. This can have many uses, such as cre­at­ing ab­stract mo­tion graph­ics el­e­ments, fo­liage place­ment and crowds to name but a few. Meshes can be used with the X-par­ti­cles dy­nam­ics sys­tem. X-par­ti­cles also in­te­grates tightly with Cinema 4D’s na­tive Mo­graph toolset, which en­ables stun­ning an­i­ma­tions to be cre­ated that would be nearly im­pos­si­ble in any other piece of soft­ware.

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