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Par­ti­cles can cre­ate their own ge­om­e­try us­ing the tools that come with X-par­ti­cles. 3D trails are easy to cre­ate and can be meshed with the xp­splinemesher ob­ject to cre­ate in­tri­cate in­ter­wo­ven ge­om­e­try. The xp­trail ob­ject can also cre­ate ‘Plexus’ ge­om­e­try that can be in­te­grated with any X-par­ti­cles sys­tem to cre­ate a next level of mo­tion graph­ics. The xp­skin­ner ob­ject can skin par­ti­cles, but it can also be used to skin splines in Cinema 4D to cre­ate or­ganic shapes.

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