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VR Toolset

Fu­sion 9 fea­tures a toolset for VR. Cus­tomers get a 360-de­gree 3D workspace, a panoramic viewer and sup­port for VR head­sets.

Cam­era Tracker

Analy­ses a live-ac­tion cam­era’s mo­tion, then re­con­structs it within Fu­sion us­ing a dig­i­tal cam­era on a 3D mo­tion path.

Pla­nar Tracker

Tracks sub­jects and re­gions in a live-ac­tion scene, then cal­cu­lates planes of mo­tion. Per­fect for cor­ner pin­ning an im­age or sta­bil­is­ing footage.

Delta Keyer

Brings ad­vanced im­age sci­ence with matte fi­nesse con­trols for cre­at­ing the clean­est pos­si­ble keys while pre­serv­ing im­age de­tail.

Clean Plate Tool

Helps smooth out sub­tle colour vari­a­tions on blue or green screens re­sult­ing from shad­ows and high­lights.

Stu­dio Player

Re­plac­ing Gen­er­a­tion, Stu­dio Player is a shot man­age­ment app built di­rectly into Fu­sion’s bin struc­ture.

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