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Soft­ware A screen­shot cap­ture from Un­charted:

The Lost Legacy by Naughty Dog, in vir­tual cam­era mode Matthew Johns has worked in the videogame in­dus­try for eight years. Now work­ing as a tex­ture and shader artist at Naughty Dog, Matthew Johns had the abil­ity to cap­ture this screen­shot from the ac­tion-ad­ven­ture videogame Un­charted: The Lost Legacy. Al­though the en­tire en­vi­ron­ment was cre­ated by a huge team, Matthew’s role was in the tex­tur­ing and shaders.

“The most no­table tech­nique that I used, that made the en­tire tex­tur­ing process eas­ier from my point of view, was the ap­pli­ca­tion of cer­tain pro­ce­dural shad­ing op­tions,” ex­plains Matthew, talk­ing about time-sav­ing meth­ods that were used in the cre­ation of this en­vi­ron­ment. “For ex­am­ple, I em­ployed heavy use of a slope blend tech­nique to add de­tails like grass, moss, lichen and ero­sion dam­age to the rocks. In sim­ple terms, the shader is able to de­ter­mine the slope value for a pixel and its re­la­tion to the world. With this type of con­trol, I was able to in­struct the shader to ap­ply, say, grass to the top side of the rocks, moss and lichen just around the edges of the grass and the dam­age and ero­sion to the un­der­sides.

“From a com­po­si­tion point of view, I loved the idea of be­ing able to show both the en­vi­ron­ment above and be­low the water line. To show that not only is there a beau­ti­ful world ready to be ex­plored in full view, but that there is also another realm of pos­si­bil­ity hid­den just be­low the water’s sur­face.”

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