HOW can I cre­ate a re­al­is­tic ter­rain?

Mag­da­lene Davis, New York

3D World - - ARTIST Q&A - Pi­etro Chio­varo replies

The cre­ation process of a re­al­is­tic ter­rain can be di­vided into two parts. In the first part, we need to search for rel­e­vant ref­er­ences for the ter­rain we are go­ing to cre­ate, sketch­ing a con­cept of the en­tire scene. In the sec­ond part we have to cre­ate all the mod­els that com­pose the scene in or­der to cre­ate the ter­rain. For the cre­ation of this par­tic­u­lar scene I tried to imag­ine the ter­rain of Mars. To do that, af­ter the con­cept cre­ation, I cre­ated a lit­tle li­brary of im­ages that I could then use as ref­er­ences for the ter­rain. Fol­low­ing the con­cept, we have to cre­ate ev­ery model that is part of the scene, plac­ing these in the space. Af­ter that we can start to model the ter­rain, adding a plane and edit­ing the flat sur­face in Edit Mode. Here sub­di­vid­ing the plane, we have to de­fine the main de­for­ma­tions of the ter­rain.

Once all the mod­els are in the scene and the ba­sic ter­rain has been cre­ated, we can start to add some de­tails, go­ing into Sculpt Mode and start­ing to model the ter­rain. In this part of the work I sug­gest that you fol­low all the ref­er­ences you have found, try­ing to cre­ate many im­per­fec­tions and be­ing very metic­u­lous in the de­tails, be­cause this makes the dif­fer­ence. Dur­ing the sculpt­ing process of the ter­rain for this par­tic­u­lar scene, I imag­ined that the soil was com­posed prin­ci­pally of rocks and sand; so, con­sid­er­ing that, I modelled some stones with dif­fer­ent di­men­sions, some sand dunes and some other de­for­ma­tions near to the sides of the main build­ing and the other ob­jects. Now that we have sculpted the ter­rain, the last part of the work con­sists of the cre­ation of the ma­te­rial. To cre­ate the ma­te­rial of the ter­rain we have to map the model and cre­ate a tex­ture. Now go­ing into Tex­ture Paint Mode, we can paint the new tex­ture, try­ing to recre­ate an orig­i­nal ma­te­rial. Dur­ing this process, it’s very im­por­tant to fol­low the ref­er­ences, to achieve a re­al­is­tic ef­fect. Once we cre­ated the tex­ture, we can open the Node Ed­i­tor panel and add the tex­ture to the main ma­te­rial, fin­ish­ing the ter­rain cre­ation.

In the Node Ed­i­tor panel, you can de­fine the ter­rain ma­te­rial, com­bin­ing some shaders, tex­tures and other el­e­ments that will make the ter­rain more re­al­is­tic.

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