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Jin Hao Villa, a dig­i­tal sculp­tor and char­ac­ter artist, cre­ated this sur­real and hu­mor­ous im­age over a pe­riod of three weeks. “It is pre­sented in a way that’s not a 3D an­i­mated car­toon for kids, but some­thing with a more re­al­is­tic feel,” he ex­plains.

The process be­gan with Jin cre­at­ing a few draw­ings in Pho­to­shop, be­fore block­ing out the char­ac­ters and en­vi­ron­ments in Zbrush. “Once I am happy with the de­sign and im­pres­sion of the char­ac­ter or idea, that's when I use Maya and Sof­tim­age to cre­ate clean mod­els with good topo­log­i­cal flow,” says Jin. “The chal­lenge I had to over­come was find­ing the best and fastest work­flow; some­times it can be dif­fi­cult to find the ‘right’ way with­out stum­bling on a bunch of small mis­takes. But that's also the beauty of get­ting bet­ter at 3D art.”

Jin is in­spired by tech­ni­cal achieve­ments in art, he elab­o­rates: “I be­lieve that as tech­nol­ogy pro­gresses, the qual­ity of art and the abil­ity to ex­press one's imag­i­na­tion be­comes bet­ter and more wide­spread.”

ARTIST Justin ‘Jin’ Hao Yu Villa Soft­ware Maya, Zbrush, Au­todesk Sof­tim­age, Pho­to­shop, Keyshot

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