Method’s Mandelbrots

for doc­tor Strange, method Stu­dios Started with real frac­tal maths and adapted it Shot-by-shot

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one of the ma­jor chal­lenges in us­ing pure frac­tal equa­tions in vis­ual ef­fects shots is be­ing able to adapt to the spe­cific im­agery that di­rec­tors have in mind. thus, many stu­dios start with the maths and then go through an art di­rec­tion process.

that’s what Method Stu­dios did for a se­quence in Doc­tor

Strange dubbed ‘the Mag­i­cal Mys­tery tour’ when the cen­tral char­ac­ter finds him­self in­side a psychedelic-look­ing realm. Var­i­ous shots, such as Strange en­coun­ter­ing mul­ti­ple it­er­a­tions of his own body parts, were in­spired by frac­tal-like im­agery.

“It’s all for­mula to get this Man­del­brot look­ing a cer­tain way,” ex­plains Method Stu­dios vis­ual ef­fects su­per­vi­sor olivier Du­mont. “the prob­lem with that is, it looks great, but it’s not very con­trol­lable in terms of what type you want to achieve. It’s more like a loop and then you grab the frame runs that you like and work with them.”

doc­tor strange finds him­self ab­sorbed into this frac­tal-filled psychedelic realm, with method stu­dios craft­ing im­agery di­rectly in­spired by frac­tals, mandelbrots and man­del­bulbs

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