Is spec Work Worth­while?

glen south­ern and rico cil­liers share their per­sonal Opin­ions On spec work and whether it should be con­sid­ered

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“Spec work means to work on a spec­u­la­tive ba­sis,” ex­plains South­ern. “You some­times hear words like ‘art test’ bandied around. What it ba­si­cally means is that a client wants some­thing with­out pay­ing for it. It’s a dif­fi­cult place to be and you can be abused if you aren’t care­ful. Would you ask a me­chanic to fix your car just to see if they could?”

Cil­liers ar­gues that there are some ben­e­fits, but artists should be very care­ful. “I gen­er­ally don’t rec­om­mend it. How­ever, there are cases where it’s ac­tu­ally ben­e­fi­cial. I wouldn’t do spec work for un­known clients, but I’ve done some for ex­ist­ing clients. In short, if you don’t know the per­son you’re deal­ing with, don’t trust them, and cer­tainly don’t do any work for them with­out ad­e­quate com­pen­sa­tion.”

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