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ONE OF the key tech­nolo­gies used to re­duce the emission of the var­i­ous ox­ides of ni­tro­gen, col­lec­tively known as NOX, is called Se­lec­tive Cat­alytic Re­duc­tion (SCR), bet­ter known as Ad­blue.

NOX is pro­duced from the re­ac­tion of ni­tro­gen with oxy­gen dur­ing the com­bus­tion process and is present in the ex­haust emis­sions of both petrol and diesel en­gines, but more so in diesel donks.

Ad­blue is a urea so­lu­tion in­jected into the en­gine’s ex­haust sys­tem up­stream from the cat­alytic con­verter. Once in the cat­alytic con­verter, a chem­i­cal re­ac­tion be­tween the Ad­blue and the NOX pro­duces harm­less ni­tro­gen (the ma­jor con­stituent of air) and wa­ter, re­leased as steam.

The fluid is held in a small tank and is gen­er­ally re­filled when the ve­hi­cle is ser­viced, but it’s also widely avail­able at ser­vice sta­tions for when the sys­tem needs to be re­plen­ished be­tween ser­vices.

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