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1 Al­ways use as few con­nec­tions as pos­si­ble – if you don’t need a shackle, don’t use it. 2 Al­ways winch off a live tree – dead trees can be hol­low and have rot­ten roots. 3 Keep the strap low to the ground – the less lever­age on the tree, the less likely you’ll rip it out. 4 More line off the winch means an eas­ier time for your winch mo­tor. 5 Never use a snatch strap as a winch ex­ten­sion strap – it’s not de­signed for a con­stant load. 6 Winch lines can be­come ten­sioned or snap be­fore you re­alise – never step over them. 7 Al­ways agree on clear sig­nals be­tween spot­ter and driver be­fore you be­gin. 8 Only the spot­ter talks di­rectly to the driver – ev­ery­one else speaks via the spot­ter. 9 Keep the area clear – snapped ca­bles can be deadly out to their full length. 10 Poorly main­tained gear is more dan­ger­ous than cheap gear.

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