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IN­GRE­DI­ENTS Serves 4 to 6

Oil/but­ter 1 small-medium head of cab­bage, shred­ded 8 or more rashers of ba­con, chopped 1 large onion, chopped 2 tsp gar­lic, crushed or minced 1-2 tsp red chilli, minced, or use dried chilli flakes (1 tsp) Salt (to taste) Black pep­per (to taste) Egg noo­dles or fet­tuc­cine-type pasta (un­cooked) – 2-3 hand­fuls noo­dles or ap­prox. 150g of fet­tuc­cine (bro­ken in half)

COOK­ING IT Prepa­ra­tion time: 10min Cook­ing time: 10-15min

• While you are cook­ing the ba­con and cab­bage, cook the noo­dles un­til

al dente, then drain and set aside. • Heat a lit­tle oil in the camp oven (or a large pan) and add the ba­con. You won’t need much oil, as the ba­con will re­lease fat. Stir over a medi­umhigh heat un­til the ba­con has browned a lit­tle, then re­move from the pan, drain on some pa­per tow­els and set aside. • If need be, add a lit­tle more oil/but­ter to the pan and add the onion,

gar­lic and chilli. Sauté over a medium heat un­til the onion has soft­ened. • Re­turn the cooked ba­con and add the cab­bage to the onion. Mix well over a medium-high heat and stir oc­ca­sion­ally un­til the cab­bage has browned and the tex­ture is to your lik­ing. Lower the tem­per­a­ture if the cab­bage is brown­ing too much, es­pe­cially if us­ing the camp oven, which will re­tain heat well. • Sea­son well, es­pe­cially with black pep­per. • When the cab­bage mix is ready, add the cooked noo­dles (sep­a­rat­ing if

need be) and stir well to com­bine all the in­gre­di­ents.


You could turn this into a one-dish meal by adding sliced chicken or pork. You could also add some grated or thinly sliced car­rot to the mix when fry­ing the cab­bage.

Cab­bage is a great veg­etable to carry in your veg­gie box when camp­ing. Leave it whole and store it in a cool, shady spot. It will keep for quite a long time and doesn’t need re­frig­er­a­tion.

It’s very ver­sa­tile; you can make coleslaw, add it to stir-fry, or steam, boil and fry it.

When buy­ing a cab­bage, look for one that has a solid, firm head and is hard to the touch. It should also be bright and shiny in colour, with crisp outer leaves.


The web­site has ‘23 Easy Cab­bage Recipes’ listed. It’s well worth a look, with some in­ter­est­ing dishes to choose from. Visit

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