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BP’S NEW Ul­ti­mate range of diesel and petrol fuel is claimed to re­move dirty de­posits left by ‘or­di­nary’ fu­els and there­fore im­prove en­gine per­for­mance. The fu­els “con­tain spe­cial mol­e­cules that at­tach them­selves to dirt, re­leas­ing it from key en­gine com­po­nents. The fuel is then burned in the com­bus­tion cham­ber”. Ul­ti­mate fuel is the re­sult of five years of de­vel­op­ment and more than 50,000 hours of test­ing on en­gines and ve­hi­cles. You can find Ul­ti­mate fuel at most ser­vos; just look to the pre­mium end of the bowsers. Web­site: www.bp.com.au

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