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WHILE THE Hilux was on the hoist at Har­rop we had Kevin in­stall one of the com­pany’s neat diff and gear­box breather kits. This kit ex­tends the diff, gear­box and trans­fer case breathers up into the en­gine bay to pre­vent wa­ter ingress when driv­ing through wa­ter. The lines fit to the stan­dard breather fit­tings on the driv­e­line com­po­nent and run up to the en­gine, where they meet in the bil­leta­lu­minium man­i­fold block. An­other line runs to the air­box to en­sure it’s placed in clean air and out of the wa­ter and road grime. Get the Aus­tralian-made breather kit from Har­rop’s on­line shop, or from Op­po­site Lock stores, for $165.

The new Har­rop Elocker back in the OE diff cen­tre. Har­rop’s bil­let breather block is a neat touch.

In­sert diff A into hous­ing B, and get a grip! Back in place and look­ing like new.

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