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6WITH the gears out of the way, you’ll no­tice a cir­clip in­side the hous­ing. Re­move the cir­clip to gain ac­cess to the free-spool col­lar. This locks into the hous­ing by turn­ing the free-spool lever. When the lever is dis­en­gaged the col­lar is al­lowed to spin, which lets the plan­e­tary gears spin de­spite the in­put shaft from the mo­tor be­ing locked solid.

Re­move the free-spool col­lar and in­spect for any wear or da­m­age in­side the hous­ing. These items are mass-pro­duced and aren’t per­fect, so a small amount of metal-on-metal con­tact can cause the free-spool col­lar to jam.

Once the in­ter­nals are re­moved, sit down with a bucket, a tooth­brush and de­greaser. You’ll want all the old grease re­moved, as some greases can re­act with each other and ei­ther break down com­pletely or form a thick paste.

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