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3WITH the ro­tor assem­bly taken out, take light-grade sand­pa­per to the com­mu­ta­tor (cop­per sur­face the brushes run against). Good con­tact is vi­tal here, so the sur­face should be as clean and smooth as pos­si­ble. While there, use a small pick or screw­driver to clean out the grooves in the com­mu­ta­tor.

Be­fore re-in­stalling the ro­tor assem­bly, clean it and the hous­ing with con­tact cleaner. When you’re slid­ing the ro­tor assem­bly in, the brushes on the hous­ing will be in the way. With a small, flat-blade screw­driver, hold each brush back just enough to let the com­mu­ta­tor slide past.

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