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10THE fi­nal step is to test the winch. Test the free-spool is op­er­at­ing cor­rectly by dis­en­gag­ing the col­lar and twist­ing the drum. The winch mo­tor can be tested by con­nect­ing a neg­a­tive jumper ca­ble to the neg­a­tive post un­der­neath (and the pos­i­tive to the red ter­mi­nal post), with the other ends at­tached to your bat­tery. Then run a sec­ond jumper ca­ble be­tween the yel­low and blue posts.

You can check both direc­tions by con­nect­ing the pos­i­tive jumper ca­ble to the yel­low post, and by run­ning the sec­ond ca­ble from the red to the blue.

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