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7IF YOU speak to 10 peo­ple you’ll get 11 opin­ions on the ap­pro­pri­ate grease to use in­side a winch. I’ve al­ways found suc­cess with wheel-bear­ing grease, and it of­fers the ex­tra ben­e­fit of sim­pli­fy­ing the spares I carry. It’s also able to cope with the heat gen­er­ated in a winch.

What­ever grease you de­cide to use should be ap­plied spar­ingly. Over­load­ing with grease can cause the free-spool to be­come dif­fi­cult to op­er­ate. Ap­ply a fine layer in­side the hous­ing where the col­lar sits and then on each of the plan­e­tary gears in each set. Also ap­ply a small amount to the plas­tic bushes. Re­in­stall the free-spool col­lar and cir­clip, en­sur­ing the free-spool lever can lock and un­lock – most col­lars have an off­set groove in them.

With the gears re­in­stalled, grab a bat­tery drill and spin the in­put shaft to en­sure all gears work be­fore bolt­ing the gear­box end­plate back on. If the hous­ing is in two pieces you will need to lightly bolt it to­gether to in­stall the gears. Only use two bolts at this stage, as it may need to be sep­a­rated if the free-spool or gearset doesn’t work.

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